Girlguiding Harpenden Central
Over 200 Girls from Harpenden and Rebourn Division took part in the second Girlguiding's got Talent, and the 2nd Harpenden Rainbows and 10th Harpenden Brownies were lucky enough to win their catergories
Recent news
  • Thank you to our Volunteers

    Can we say a very big belated 'THANK YOU' to all the leaders and unit helpers who give up their spare time to make Girlguiding happen.  If you would like to volunteer to help in a unit as a unit helper, or come into uniform and help open a new unit, please contact us.  We still have many girls on waiting lists who are waiting for places, and opening new units is vital.


    We are currently in the process of opening a new Brownie unit on a Tuesday night - 7th Harpenden Brownies, and last October we were lucky enough to be able to open the 8th Harpenden Brownies which meets on a Wednesday.  Many thanks to  the volunteers who  have enabled us to do this.

  • New Rainbow Unit

    Our new Rainbow Unit which opened last February, is now celebrating its first birthday and has gone from strength to strength.  It now has 21 girls and they enjoy and varied and active programme.

Welcome to Girlguiding Harpenden Central

We are a Girlguiding District in the very heart of Harpenden, grouped roughly around the High Street in Harpenden, stretching from Station Road to Townsend Lane. We have over 300 members and 13 units. Our units are very popular, and we offer a range of activities, from craft to raftbuilding, dry skiing to baking. Most importantly, girls make friends and have fun. We are part of Girlguiding Harpenden and Redbourn Division. Altogether we have around 1000 members.

Our units are:

Rainbows (5-7 years)
2nd Harpenden Rainbows
5th Harpenden Rainbows
10th Harpenden Rainbows

Brownies (7-10 years)
2nd Harpenden Brownies
5th Harpenden Brownies
7th Harpenden Brownies
8th Harpenden Brownies
10th Harpenden Brownies
21st Harpenden (St Nicholas) Brownies

Guides (10-14 years)
5th Harpenden Guides
8th Harpenden Guides
10th Harpenden Guides

Senior Section  (14-25 years)
Central Harpenden Senior Section
10th Harpenden Rangers

If you want to add your daughter to the waiting-to-join list, go to this page and search for one of the units listed above.

If you have a query about where your daughter is on the waiting list, please email or the District Commissioner